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With the cadence of the music, Dominique walked down the isle. Victoire had insisted on a beautiful, nice, outdoor wedding and Teddy had obliged. Dominique could not care one way or the other, as long as she had plenty of time and guidance to perform her duties as maid of honor. She had done well, she thought; Victoire agreed. As happy as she was, as beautiful as Victoire had looked when Dominique gave her a teary once-over, as beautiful as she looked in her dress, Dom could not help but feel nostalgic as she saw Teddy waiting for the procession at the end. There he was, that handsome man who was a bit of a beautiful mess; the boy of Dom’s dreams ever since she could remember. Her animosity with Victoire had many origins, but Teddy had always been one of them and one she would never admit to. She loved him, she adored him, and they always played well together. He had always been a bit like her partner in crime when Victoire lashed out at either of them. Even so, Dom knew that her sister would be the girl for him, that she was far too young and far too loud to be the girl for Teddy Lupin.

She reached her place at the front, standing next to where Victoire would be. For a moment, she looked over to Teddy, but he was not looking at her, he was looking where her gaze should have been aimed. There she was, in all her glory, in her victory of sorts; Victoire glided down the isle with ease on their father’s arm. Bill Weasley looked happier than Dominique had ever seen him. None of this made Dominique bitter; she had let go of those feelings long ago. Her family meant too much for her to hold her adoration for Teddy as more than a crush. Her sister meant too much for her to be jealous on any level. As Maid of Honor, Dominique stood proudly at the front, waiting for her sister whose heart never looked so open. As she approached her place in front of Dominique, Dom decided to whisper one last sentiment before the ceremony officially begun.


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